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DeRu Drops




DeRu Drops




DeRu Drops




Purchasing:  1 DeRu Drop per $1 spent on actual product

Sharing Certain Products:  25 DeRu Drops per share of Blends, each product can only be shared once.

Reviewing products you’ve purchased:  100 DeRu Drops for each review, one review per product**

Referring a friend:  You and your friend will both receive 500 DeRu Drops with their first purchase.

**DeRu Drops awarded upon review approval.  Our reviews require approval due to the number of spammers out who would be leaving bad links if we didn’t require approval.  For the next 30 days, we will allow reviews on products that were purchased from Terrae Oleum or Blends by Ruth.  Review points will be subject to verification that you’ve purchased from DeRu Extracts, Blends by Ruth Nelson, or Terrae Oleum.  If there is not purchase record in one of these three companies, the review will not be approved.  Starting September 1, our site will be set to only allow reviews for products purchased on the DeRuExtracts.com site.  Please get any Blends by Ruth or Terrae Oleum reviews in by August 31, 2018.

DeRu Extracts, LLC reserves the right to ban anyone from this rewards plan for trying to cheat the system.  Limited to one user account per household.

How Can I Check my DeRu Drops?

Go to your account.  You’ll see your DeRu Drops info on the main page of it.

DeRu Drops Activity

How do I Refer a Friend?

Go to your account

Click Generate Referral Link

DeRu Drops Generate Referral Link

Then copy your referral link

DeRu Drops Copy Referral Link

How do I Know if I'm Being Credited?

Check your account.  DeRu Drops are issued as soon as an action has been met (purchase is complete, sale item is shared, your friend made their first purchase, etc).

Do my DeRu Drops Expire?

Most drops will expire in approximately 6 months (it’s set at 182 days).  To see when your drops expire, go to your account page and look at the expiration column.

DeRu Drops Expiration

Can my DeRu Drops be used with another coupon?

No.  Our business is simply too small to offer double-discounts.  Our price per unit sold is considerably higher than our much larger competition, which means that our profit margins are very small in comparision.  Thanks so much for understanding.