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Basil ct. methyl chavicol Essential Oil


Name:  Basil ct. methy chavicol Essential Oil

Species: Ocimum basilicum

Part: Leaves

Extraction: Steam Distilled

Aroma: Sweet, spicy, peppery, herbaceous



Basil ct. methyl chavicol Essential Oil 100% Pure

NameBasil ct. methyl chavicol Essential Oil
SpeciesOcimum basilicum
ExtractionSteam Distilled
ClassPhenolic Ester
AromaSweet, spicy, peppery, herbaceous
Blend IdeasGrapefruitLemon, Lime, Orange, May Chang, Lemon Myrtle

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The fresh, green scent of Basil ct. methyl chavicol Essential Oil blends beautifully with the sweeter aroma of licorice with just a hint of spice in this essential oil. This methyl chavicol chemotype of basil (also known as the estragole chemotype) is a potent specimen, and a very little bit will go a long way when it comes to blending. The initial sweetness of the oil is tempered by a spicy, peppery dry down while still holding true to the herbaceous qualities first noticed upon initial exposure.

Another essential oil with uses that span the wellness spectrum, you will be hard-pressed not to find a use for Basil ct. methyl chavicol Essential Oil. It can aid in calming and promoting harmony in the midst of more chaotic times while also providing a refreshing element to topical uses. It also acts as a catalyst in settling restless, stagnant energies that need a bit of assistance in moving on.

Try pairing it with some sunny citrus and the bright, lemony notes of may chang or lemon myrtle for an encouraging and uplifting blend


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