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Lemon Heaven Outdoor Blend

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Name: Lemon Heaven (Outdoor Blend)

Purpose: Use when outdoors as a natural effective barrier

Size: 2 oz Spray Bottle

Developed by: Dr. Robert Pappas



Developed by Dr. Robert Pappas, this all natural outdoor blend can’t be beat in effectiveness or in scent!

Going camping?  Take Lemon Heaven!  Going hiking?  Lemon Heaven is a must!  Big day of fishing?  Lemon Heaven should be in your tackle box!

You can enjoy a natural summer night under the stars now!

We fell in love the moment we opened a tiny vial and took a whiff . . . but we had to try it out before we could tell you about it.  Living in Michigan, on a golf course with two large ponds, I believe it’s far surpassed what I expected out of it.  Sprayed on any exposed skin (and applied to my face by spraying in my palm and wiping that on my face), I found that I had no issues during my time outdoors.  And it’s delicious lemony vanilla scent is to die for — think lemon cake.  Sweet but not sickeningly sweet, the herbal and woodsy scents counter the sweetness perfectly.  While it does utilize ylang ylang, it is not something that causes headaches in me (and ylang ylang often does that to me).

Pre-diluted in fractionated coconut oil, this is ready-to-use and acceptable for children according to it’s developer.    It is most effective at the current dilution, but may be further diluted if you desire.  We didn’t further dilute for our testing.

This product is not meant for diffuser use at all due to the fractionated coconut oil in the finished product.

This is a proprietary blend of Ylang Ylang, Catnip, Eucalyptus citriodora, Litsea, Cedarwood, and Vanilla all diluted in fractionated coconut oil.

If you’re like me, this nice purse-sized 2oz bottle may not be all you need.  That’s why we have the 4oz refill 🙂

We source only pure essential oils.

3 reviews for Lemon Heaven Outdoor Blend

  1. Rebecca

    I Got this in Aromabox & it came at the perfect time. I have used it during daughter’s soccer practice where mosquitos & other pests are present. It’s has worked great without feeling heavy. The scent is also wonderful. I will be ordering refills.

  2. Tina Jenkins

    Amazing products. Great company. Best customer service you will find anywhere. Highly recommend this company for the novice to the well versed. You won’t find a better company

  3. sjane

    My go to for outdoor protection. The only Aromatic formula that I don’t get “eaten alive” by mosquitoes. I have also had success applying afterwards to whelped bites (when I went out without protection) and they disappear as if they never happened. Love this product!

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