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Nutmeg Essential Oil


Name: Nutmeg Essential Oil 

Species: Myristica fragrans

Part:  Seeds

Extraction: Steam Distilled

Aroma: Warm, spicy, sweet



Nutmeg Essential Oil 100% Pure

NameNutmeg essential oil
SpeciesMyristica fragrans
ExtractionSteam Distilled
ClassPhenolic Ester
Source Indonesia
AromaWarm, spicy, sweet
Blend IdeasGinger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, Cocoa

We source only pure essential oils.

Distilled from the seeds of Myristica fragrans, nutmeg essential oil is truly an expression of the greatly loved holiday spice. A very stimulating oil, more intense exposure has a reputation for prompting vivid dreams and can potentially be overstimulating if not carefully used.

Its spicy and sweet aroma brings with it the warming qualities known so well to us in the winter months. Just as the scent of spices permeating from fresh, holiday baking triggers a sense of comfort and happiness, nutmeg oil adds just that bit of coziness to a blend. Help loosen “stuck” energies and nervous attachments that can impede your ability to thrive. Embrace what life and the people in it have to offer.  Just a bit of nutmeg oil can appeal to emotional stagnation and set an aching heart on its path to wholeness.

Nutmeg pairs beautifully with other spice oils and sweet, juicy citrus oils that serve to create a classic sense of hearth and home. Add a  touch of vanilla or our cocoa absolute to round out any spicy blend containing nutmeg!

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