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Plai Essential Oil


Name: Plai Essential Oil 

Species: Zingiber cassumunar

Part: Root

Extraction: Steam Distilled

Aroma: Fresh and woody with a splash of spice



Plai Essential Oil 100% Pure

NamePlai Essential Oil
SpeciesZingiber cassumunar
ExtractionSteam Distilled
ColorPlae Yellow
AromaFresh and woody with a splash of spice
Blend IdeasBlack Pepper, Copaiba, Frankincense,Ginger, HelichrysumRoman Chamomile

We source only pure essential oils.

Known by many as an excellent addition to blends for occasional muscle and joint soreness, Plai essential oil is a relative of ginger but doesn’t have the “heat factor” that ginger does.  If you want the heat, it may be wise to mix the two.  It’s one of the oils we use in our infamous Powerhouse Salve, Super Salve, and Ache Away Extreme — and no doubt a big part of the reason those are all loved.

It may be an excellent addition blends for minor scrapes as well.

The scent is not one of my favorites.  This oil is one that I use for its abilities, not for its beautiful aroma (hint:  it’s not beautiful.  Not disgusting like Valerian, but not something I’d diffuse alone).  I think it’s one of those oils that you only want in blends for topical use or personal inhaler blends (as it could be helpful to irritable nasal passages).

With our pre-diluted oils . . . if diluted for kids is the highest dilution you see, it’s also the max dilution possible. Pre-diluted oils are in fractionated coconut oil.


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