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Coffee CO2

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Name: Coffee CO2

Species: Coffea arabica

Part: Bean

Extraction: Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction

Aroma: Rich, warm, roasted coffee



Coffee CO2 100% Pure

NameCoffee CO2
SpeciesCoffea arabica
ExtractionSupercritical carbon dioxide extraction
ColorDark brown
AromaRich, warm, roasted coffee
Blend IdeasBergamot, Cedarwood, Frankincense, GrapefruitMarjoram, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, and Vanilla

We source only pure extracts.

Want some fun scents?  Try a little Coffee CO2 in your inhaler!  I particularly like it with our nutmeg . . . but being a coffee lover, I would probably like it with just about anything!  This is such a beautiful, rich coffee scent that you won’t need to run to the coffee house to breathe deep.

Truthfully, some people claim to have more energy with the coffee co2, but the caffeine level is actually very low (less than 0.5%).  I do love the scent and it lifts my spirits, so maybe the pick-me-up is just that “new day” kind of feeling?  I can’t say but I know that I love this one!

While we don’t have much information on coffee co2 due to lack of studies and it being “newer” to the market, some sources suggest that it might be a nice addition to skin care blends or anti-inflammatory blends.

2 reviews for Coffee CO2

  1. Tami Jean New (verified owner)

    I am ordering more as a friend loved mine!
    Coffee is the scent of productivity, and in this case productivity without drinking it and wrecking your gut!
    I find that my mental clarity is better when infusing this oil both in the car and in the office.
    Reduces my Starbuck’s bill.

  2. Tami Jean New (verified owner)

    Better than drinking coffee and helps improve my mood and brain function.
    Coffee is the scent of productivity!

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